Thursday, January 4, 2007

mas alla del horizonte

Julian climbed up that familiar staircase , reached the top, searched through her pockets to find the keys and opened the lock to the terrace. she walked past many a pots of various types of plants, to the railing at the end, her favourite corner of the terrace - where she would often come just for the view. She looked beyond. From that fantastic place on top of the building, she looked beyond. She saw the sky, she saw the ground, she saw the shrubs, the greenery and aahh.. the pool.

From where she stood, she looked down her right to see the pool, at this perfect time of the evening, shadowed by trees and the red-blue sky, fresh from the sunset. The heavenly silence was accompanied by the constant continuous sound of the wavlets created by those practised swimmers. As julian looked into the depths of the water and then looked beyond at the greenery around the pool, she couldnt help but smile. She wondered why the smile wont go. She must appear to be quite a lunatic to an onlooker, but, there was of course, not another soul presesnt except herself. This enviornment brought with it a sudden rush of memory. She remembered, she recollected, she thought, she dreamt, she wondered, she stared and she continued smiling. And then, suddenly from some corner of her eye, she felt the semblance of a tear trying to escape. Before her hand could reach her face to wipe it, her eyes well up and she cried silently but uncontrollably. She continued smiling. She pondered over the oddity of the situation.Her smile grew wider and her tears fiercer but more silent. At this fantastic place, overlooking the most beautiful vision she could wish for, she stood spellbound by the chastity of the situation and the strange aura she was unable to comprehend. She continued to think, to dream, to remember, to recollect, to smile, to cry. But as she started at the pure beauty around her, she looked beyond, beyond the herself, beyond her past, beyond her future, beyond time, beyond the horizon..... mas alla del horizonte...


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