Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I clench my fists as you come closer
My fingernails dig through my palm
My body stiffens, my breath gets deeper
I let out a sigh,
As the tip of your finger touches the curve of my arm.
I feel the blood ooze out of my palm
You stand there before me,
With a gleam in your eyes
and a smile on your face
And i wonder when it will be all mine, that gaze.
Your smile deepens
And so does my breath.
You think you know whats on my mind
I wonder how you could be so blind
You remove your finger
But hold me with your gaze
I feel the warmth of your breath
Shut my eyes,
wonder at length,
what hurt more, my blood or you?
A chill runs through my spine,

As i realize you never will be mine.
I open my eyes.
You grab one arm
and bend the other
I gasp as you come closer
I smile at your face, smile at your eyes, smile at your smile,
Smile at the arm that's grabbed me
Gaze at the free arm with the dagger
You pierce my flesh.
More blood.
My scream
Your tears.
Your smile disappears
Unlike my tears.
My vision fades
As i smile again
and slip away....
numb to all the pain.

18th January, 2007, 12 50 A.M.

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