Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Different people, different perspectives. Strangely or rather not so strangely enough, my blog, according to a lot of people is not necessarily a reflection of my personality. I call it a perfect reflection of my thoughts though. The deepest darkest, strangest, randomest (self invented word..consequence of an utterly deteriorated vocab!) , funniest ,weirdest and in all probability most morbid thoughts that equip my mind, trap my imagination (or maybe enhance it, depends how u look at it!) and the ones that undoubtedly, i dont like an audience to share with.

Its rather iroinic isnt it? how i would probably never talk about these poems, or the fiction am so proud of, in person. I do, undoubtedly, resort to blogging only when am in the worst of moods and this is ,well, the best way to vent it all out. So, there i am presenting in the subtlest of manner, concealed in third person, an iota of reality mixed with an imagination run wild to a gazillions of pople, people i dont know, on the internet. Maybe thats it. Maybe the fact that i do not know the people who are readin this is what makes this a safe refuge. Maybe thats why, until some time back, the people around me did not even know i blog!

I like to shock people. i do not know why but i just do. Maybe its to do with the fact that am aquarius. Maybe its just because of the element of fun in it. The comments i get after poeple read my blog, in the weirdest of way, make me smile so much! Reactions like "You WROTE all that??" , more than often its "YOU wrote all that??" , "how much do you think?" "are you lonely?"
and the award goes to..."do you miss someone in your life? You seem like a lonely depressed girl!"

ha ha ha !!

Well, nothing is as it seems to be, noone is as they seem to be! We all know that. Strangely though, we always let it come like a jolt from reality to us!

I really have tried maintaining journals, but gosh! are they a tedious task for a lazy soul like mine or what!

Am passionate about writing, but i like writing only for myself. Maybe thats just it.
I can talk for an audience. I love audience. i love entertaining.
But my blog, my page has to be about me and more importantly, for me.

Well, if you have actually reached the end of this post, am to darn proud of you! lol..

darn! 12 25 and am gettin a food craving again.. chocolate fantasy... hmm.. drool

25th Jan, 2007, 12 30 A.M.


lemonade said...

jus came across ur blog and i have to say that m kinda hooked..!! :)
awesome blog..keep writing..!!

dRoZzY!!! said...

i'll be honest... i didn't get much of this post.
but i loved the start "Different people, different perspectives".

'perspectives' is one of my favourite words. the one i like to analyze and understand all the time. it was a very thoughtful start. thoughtful so much that you might have not even thought about it and realized it even now.
good going.
i am going to read the rest of your blog now!!!
happy blogging

ankurindia said...

nice blog