Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Of romanticism, fantasies and youth...

The first book, a girl child reads is almost certainly "cinderella" and those who beg to differ with me on this account, would probably point out a "snowhite and the seven dwarfs" or a some other fairy tale of the kind. So right from that tender, oh-so-impressionable age, into the youth, she imagines her life to be that of misery, until her knight in a shining armour would come, riding a horse, wrap his arms around her kiss away her sadness and take her away from her "misery"

Do not get me wrong, the point of this post is not demean the essence of these super loved fairy tales , or to discourage their use, but this post is quite on the contrary, a critique (or well sort of a critique!) on the sheer romanticism of the youth and more so on their persistent efforts to hide the same. Well, if your young and you know english, then as your readin this, your lips are bound to curve into a smile for you know exactly what am talking about ( in case thats not happenin, ur either not young, or do not know English or well just an exception i refuse to study).
My point is, each of our youth is somewhere dedicated to finding that "ideal" partner who would well just sort of take us away from our self created miseries.

WE all want to fall in love. Some of us admit it, most of us dont. Me, being part of the latter category likes to believe its useless. Even though we all know we want it to happen. Now the point of this post is just a dedication to the spirit of romanticism on the youth, which is so prevalent today. this spirit, might be coated with sarcasm, cynicism, defensiveness and reluctance, but its there nevertheless and it is well, extremely amusing.

We all love living in our fantasies,in the occult, in our ideal lives with ideal people to share it with and in spite of it, most of us would rather convince others about how the whole idea of mush is so "pansy"! I am not saying that we are all mushy. Am just saying that we all could be ...... ( i was just going to mention about how we are all potential romantics and its high time we "discover our potential"...sheesh... AIESEC is impacting me waaayyy to much :p)
So.. keeping the randomness out and getting back to the point...

here's a salute to the Romanticism of the youth... a particular area of my interest since i don't seem to have exploited much of mine anyway;)

I think its high time we all get romantic... i think its high we all fall in love..

sheesh... wats with me.. i have dragged the post and made it what i was not supposed to e when i began writing it 1: 16 A.M and riddhi kapoor decides to get mushy....the story of my life! ;)

been ages since i wrote summin actually...will try and be more regular..

tata people.. (am sorry you were subjected to this incredibly random post... but its just me in my "mood"

I feel very cheesy.. and trust me.. its a RARE feeling ;)