Thursday, January 4, 2007

I Fear...

its strange
n i feel wrath
i feel anger
i feel hurt
i feel pain
yea, i try to hide it by being vain
n i wana trust...
i wana trust you
but i fear...
yes i fear...
i know u don believe that dear,
but i fear
for i hav lost all that i posessd
so what if i were obsessd?
it was an illusion..
that i lived by
day n day
nite n nite
as i refused to say good bye
to that which never was mine
to them who were never mine
i refused to let go
i jus held on....
to them who were not mine....
so i fear..
yes my dear..
i do fear.. to hold on to u
to rest upon u
i fear to lose you
because wen i trust u..
i want to posess you
i want to belong to you
n i'll fail to let go
i fear to trust you.. coz i fear to lose u
n it is not lik me to fear
thats what u'd al say
but nay... the truth is nowhere near
because yes, i have my own fears
the ones that get hidden behind empty tears
and i fear to lose you
for its better to have never trusted to you
its better to never held on to u
for i do not want to let go....
i do not want to lose you...
i fear, dear.. i fear...
i fear....

May 09, 2006

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