Thursday, January 4, 2007

Lookin through her drawer..

well this is summin i wrote before my economics Board paper.. it has no beginin and end as yet.. stil workin on that but i jus thot i'd put this up....

oh yes those memories were so dear,
she realized as she held a tear,
so she dug further into her drawer,
while in the emty darkness she shivered
along the meadows they'd play forever
and life just seemed like a little prayer
for there he was with a blossom for her
and she'd laugh and put it behind her ear
and they'd walk along together
defying the odds of the weather
oh yes , did it hurt to think,
about how she had lost that common link
so dear he had been to her
if only she had realized it earlier
for childhood was a luxury indeed
when you dint really realize what you did need
a "friend" was somebody everybody had
and there was no reason to value what you did have
and then she found what she was looking for
a picture of them on the shore
staring at those giant waves
wondering how they'd get so near
and nostalgia brought with itself a gush of fear
these voices of the past she did not want to hear
she wondered though if he could hear
the voices of these memories she held so dear
or was it just in her mind
an illusion of a kind?
and then another gush of memory
overwhelming feelings of which she was weary
yes, there had been silence too
because it did what words cannot do
it was a strange tranquility,
a peculiar satisfaction
and never had she realized then
that all of it would come to an end
for childhood was a luxury indeed
when u did not realize whom you did need
and they'd play along.....
sing that happy song.........

March 20, 2006

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