Monday, December 20, 2010

What really matters.

Mini-disclaimer: In entirety, this post is going to be addressed in second person. It is no way intended towards being preachy or earth-shattering or evolutionarily thought provoking. Heck, I couldn't do that even if I tried. In fact especially if I tried too hard. But leaving all of that aside, let's try and get to the point or continue beating around the bush, as is customary to this blog but well, beat around the relevant bush.

How many times have we asked someone what really matters to them or expressed to them what really matters to ourselves? If you think about it, I am sure you can replay countless conversations in your head that have a mention of "But does that really matter?" or "What is it that really matters?". So I pause now and ask you, What is it that really matters to you? It is not my intention to know what is it that makes the most difference to your life, but it is my intention to find out if I am alone in this confusion. I can't seem to decide what substance really is. Maybe that's why I can't be judgmental about people. Analytical? yes. But Judgmental? only rarely. Ihe thing is I do not know if what matters to another or myself is what really should matter. So it makes the least difference to me!

As I grew up, it was engraved in me that materialism is of no consequence in the long term. Its "how good a human being you are that matters". So I would politely nod, think about it, make mental notes and distance myself from what was considered to be materialistic. But as I grew up I realized that not only was that extremely idealistic, it was also in a way a hypocritical approach to life because lets face it, money matters. So I realized, how much money I earn will affect my life and as long as I can afford the things that "really" matter, it should be a good life. And then again I asked myself, what "really" mattered to me. People, you say? See, now people come and go. They leave behind imprints and images in the mind, but you got to move past that or else you will be stuck in that grey zone forever. But some people should matter, right? They certainly do, but they make everything so tough, I'd rather wish they didn't.

At different points in time, different things seemed to matter to me- memories, frivolity, people, relationships, houses, home, cities, friendships, haircuts and the list is endless, really. And life goes on doesn't it? What's strange is, once you move from point to another, the previous item seemed to not matter at all.

So I've decided to let go a lot more. Maybe some questions really are not meant to be answered. Maybe it's okay to stop searching for a while and just be.

But honestly now, does any of this really matter?



AS said...

I like the post. I guess indian parents are so much bothered about giving the right morals and education that they forget what is practical. It takes a time to realize what you have said. Finally in the end it does not matter at all. As far as materialism is concerned, its definition is twisted, every person has a new definition depending on where he is in letting it go :)

Riddhi said...

I completely agree about the screwed up definition of materialism.

P.S- may I know who this is? :)

AS said...

A Guy from Delhi, who just was rambling across and i think came upon your blog :). Thought to give it a comment ..

Zoya said...

Riddhi, I am going to take your approach and blog about this instead of leaving a comment here...

Honestly, this is one of the things I wonder about all the time so it deserves a little pondering.

Hope thats okay?

Riddhi said...

@AS- Thanks :)

@Zoya- Would love to read what you have written. Btw tell me how to get the google connect thing on my blog please? :)

AS said...

Add gadget followers from the design button

Riddhi said...

Thanks AS! Done. :)