Friday, December 10, 2010

Riddle Me This

Why is annonymity more comforting than fame?
Do we walk on a straight road with many speed breakers or do we run around in circles chasing our own tail?
What is it about yellow against black with heavy rainfall that always reminds me of that city?
Why is it that in our constant need to be different, we are in fact displaying a perfect example of the heard mentality?
Why is it that it sucks to be left with the feeling of 'what if?'



Zoya said...

What city?

Also sometimes, what if is actualy easier to deal with a concrete blunt decisions...

Riddhi said...

City- Take one guess ;) It's Bombay.

I shy away from anything concrete for as long as I can. But bluntness gives you that one final blow and from there you only rise upward. You can't really go lower after rock bottom right?
But the 'what if' is like a slow cancer that spreads to every part of you and lingers on...

Zoya said...

i have the slow cancer... it hurts but its still easier to live with than to do that one final blunt act

Riddhi said...

Yes. But aren't you curious about the other side? even to the slightest degree?