Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why grow up

I spent the day playing with clay.

After months, today, my head does not hurt from racing thoughts. Turns out clay never ceases to be fun! Also, i found the remedy to put my brain to rest. Green clay and back-to-back movies.

I don't like facebook.
I don't like gtalk.
I like blogspot, only because I can choose to talk to it without being talked to.

My sister is a nutcase. There really is no better way to describe her.

I have random, interrupted, disassociated thoughts again. It's a great feeling. Welcome back yo! :)

A perfect end to the day will be making prank calls, telling random aunties on the line to go 'catch their refrigerator' when they say 'yes' in response to 'is your refrigerator running?'

When did life become about all this adult (no-pun-intended) stuff anyway. I still like lemon flavoured lollypops and choco-bar!



Chriz said...

my sister is a nut case.. dunno why it made me laff

Anonymous said...

I like chocbar too :)
That was a good childlike post!
Keep it going...

Riddhi said...

@ Chriz: Wow am getting celebrity blogger traffic on my blog *pats own back with pride*

@Neha: Thanks, love. Lets eat chocobar sometime- BCCL way ;)