Saturday, March 12, 2011

My childhood nightmare

I will never forget this nightmare. It haunted me for a large part of my childhood and is still stuck in my memory. I   think about it sometimes and I think maybe it had  a message or some strange meaning...

The dream is about me, but quite obviously I do not see my face. I see my house though- the old house I was born in. That house was in exactly the same place I am now, only that it was broken down to build this new one that I don't particularly like, this new one will never be like my old home. So yes, that was a big house with 2 floors and a terrace and it had spiral stairs of sorts. The dream starts with me running into the house from the gate at the back of the house. For some mysterious reason am wearing only my under garments (I was like 4, so it's not so strange). This big, rather muddy monster follows me into our home. Everyone panics and runs away in different directions. I take the stairs and start to climb. Somehow I manage to hide myself in the staircase and the monster follows the children of our tenants who lived in the room on the terrace.

And then it's just me running. And running...


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