Saturday, March 12, 2011

Updates and Upwards

So, I realized sometime back, people actually  read this blog. I mean am sure they aren't great in number but the ones that are, follow it and get it, and the ones I know of, do matter. So first up, for once I shall be modest and non-pompous, why I will even go out of the way to be humble and grateful (if I use one more virtuous word in this post, noone will believe i wrote it, so let's stop here) to all those who read.

I've decided to go public now. More public than online. I've been meaning to publish  collection of short stories and poetry for a while now but could never really make up my mind. But, thanks to some people around me, I am sort of convinced to give this whole commercial thing a shot.  I mean being a writer can't always remain a dream can it? So there is nothing substantial in place yet. But, the decision has been made. I shall first show a collection of these poetic scribbles. I've already written the rough draft of the prelude to the collection. Will hopefully get done with all the editing and getting opinion soon and then start the tedious task of publisher meetings. In fact, if you are reading this and you think you can/want to help in anyway, do drop me an email. I'd value your view/opinion on the work as well if you could suggest the way forward. Am new to this world. Clueless as can be.

Can a burning desire  and that strong will and passion to achieve, actually be enough to achieve? Maybe not, but it's always a good start.

Lots been happening. 2011 has been rather eventful. Surprises, novelty, frivolity, discovery, inspiration, euphoria, pain, suffocation. It's only the third month and I already feel so lost. I think it's the uncertainty, the wait, the fact that I am out of control. The fact that I know something good is going to come of this because I have to get my way. But, the wait..oh the wait..

In other news, I am getting a paranoia of sorts with respect to my health. No, really. It's funny because I am usually suspicious of medicines and doctors and believe sleep can cure anything and everything. But, offlate I've addressed myself as  bi polar, schizophrenic, OCPD and well some other things which are actually too embarass to put up here. The funny thing is how I drove certain people nuts about those things, but lets leave out the specifics, as always. Besides, as is life, the specifics important at one point of time, slowly lose relevance over time. See why I never mention names, real incidents or an honest update of my emotions here?  Writing is what I love the most in the world- it is a means of self expression. However, I can never write a diary because that is a scary memory book of people and experiences you might want to  erase out altogether. In my case, the erasing of experiences happens almost as often as new experiences themselves. So yea.

I must end now. Running around in circles never results in a solution.  It results in a freaking headache the size of the giant monster whom I used to dream about in the early years of my childhood. It results in fatigue and that incessant, urgent need to break bloody free.
I should know.


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