Sunday, March 13, 2011

What an idea, I say

How about a little game to test the writing skills?
I am thinking, I should pick an adjective/verb/emotion everyday and weave a story/ snippet/ poetry around it. A piece that would bring out that single word emotion to the best degree possible. Everyday is unrealistically ambitious, but atleast as often as I can.
It will help streamline my own thoughts and the consequence of thoughts too.
I recently woke up in the middle of the night to realize, the only reason I do everything that I do do and the only thing I probably even want to do, is to make those around me think. It's ironic because I can be pretty impulsive myself. But what I mean is, to get them to just pause for a moment, think and question themselves, their beliefs, their ideas, contradict them, argue it out maybe and then well, they can move on. Just that one moment, is all I need, a moment that they use to shake up, loosen up and question everything they are being rigid about. So vague a dream, you say? But it is the highlight of who I am. It is the reason I am contradicting and contradictory all the time, but more on that some other time.
So, if I can manage to convey a single emotion so strongly in one piece, I'd consider it a victory in its own right. You know those little victories you do crazy happy dances about in your head? That kind.


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Purba said...

That's the essence of a woman ....We are unique - we can be strong and delicate, angry and loving, emotional and stoic, childlike and dignified.

And that's precisely why men have yet to figure out - what a woman wants~