Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So, I've made up my mind this must come to an end.

(yes, I will always love abba)

Places, cities, neighbourhoods et all that I want to and will go to this year.
  1. Bombay: My favourite city. A trip there is LONG pending.
  2. Chennai: So that should probably cover a Kodai/Pondi?Mahabalipuram as well.
  3. Goa: I've never been there. Nothing more left to be said now, is there?
  4. Gujarat: Due to too much of Gujarati talk around me these days. Hence the curiosity needs to be quenched.
  5. Neemrana: Realistic weekend plan.
  6. Rishikesh: Well, rafting basically.
I think this should do, for now?
Ah yes, not very ambitious, out of the world places, are these? But they are realistic ambitions. And apart from these some impromptu trips need to be made, but let's leave them out of documentation, lest the fun be ruined.

Running away is on my mind.


Zwikie said...

Sounds interesting "Riddi" (you publicized it!).

Neemrana is beautiful, although it might be a little heavly on the pocket, staying there and all.
But's got this erie attraction to it and it's shit scary at night.

Sooooo worth atleast one visit.

Riddhi said...

THanks. Will update you when it happens :)