Tuesday, January 18, 2011

But it rained.

So here is something I heard yesterday. I decided to make note of it here on this page, simply because as a thought it has lingered on.

"It was raining and it felt like it was raining on me"

So when it was said to me, I doubt I gave the desired reaction. In the sense, it was typical you know? I hear something with a deeper connotation to it, nod agreeing, smile politely in a courteous appreciation of the thought behind the thought, if one would put it like that.

But as was expected, the thought stuck on. Only this time, I did not want to mask it under a vague form of poetry and put it up here. I think maybe this could be powerful by itself. Also, it opens the mind to several interpretations. Even for a ferocious rain lover like myself, I know there is a tiny part in their somewhere that still connects to the metaphor and that goes back to the many occasions, I silently hummed parikrama to myself. You see, all was going well, but it rained.


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