Friday, January 28, 2011


You know that sweet smell,
of really old wine?

Or the dust that greets you,
when you open a book long forgotten?

Have you seen the smile you smile,
When a long lost friend calls, just to say hi?

Do you know why you secretly cross your fingers
or silently whisper a prayer?

Have you felt so safe,
that you fear it's just a bubble?

You know that half remembered song?
You know it, you know it really well, but you can never be sure.

I feel like that these days.

Am I letting go or holding on?
Am I forgetting or actually forgiving?

It's not grey, this.
It's cream, a million shades of cream.
It's off white
It's bordering on yellow, but it's not there yet.
Because I try to find reality, in what is but, only elusive.
Because my yellow's always been a mirage.



Zoya said...

Oo! I really like. The shades of cream :) Also, I love the metaphors in the poem. Very well done!

Riddhi said...

Thanks a ton Zoya.