Monday, July 4, 2011

Whistle my tune

Whirlwind like,
The souls alike
Touch and go
Let the laughter flow

In the heart
Of the corner of the heart
She whistled a tune
unheard of;
She cried secretly
When he sang to that tune
As if it were his own.

The madness will end
It always did
Endings just as sudden
As the beginnings are
But maybe till then,
she could let go?

For this moment in space,
she'd forget to wonder
For the sake of a moment,
She'll whistle along
But she'll whistle along.

They whistled all night
To that tune unheard of,
But they'd hear it again
In a place somewhere else,
At a time long forgotten
Some where far away
At a time, when they'll choose
to stay.


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