Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Black & White Prisons

A mind 
whose thoughts flow
Free is the spirit
that angers slow.

A hundred pieces
maybe better than a whole
to the mind that needs not
liberation anymore.

Free flowing
Seas of thought
seldom showing
the storm they brought. 

Like a flickering match
in the windy skies
Still free in spirit
and in the mind.

We imprison our thoughts
cage the spirit
and then stare dreamily
at the painful blue sky. 

Then, one man rises
Ever so suddenly,
screams to the world

And we applaud in awe
at how he's liberated
Still folding our arms, 
against our chest. 

We're the cause of the cowardice
we mock
we're all the malice
that eats us alive. 

We're the only reason we fall
We're the ones who laud
him who does rise. 


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