Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sugar and Hope

That little girl we often see,
in dreams alone and memories sweet,
That little girl who looked up at the sky,
soaked in the sun and flashed so radiant a smile. 

That little girl who dreamed those dreams,
When she laughed, so shrilly she screamed.
That little girl who did believe
In pixies, fairies and the unseen. 

That little girl who was called hope,
Tasted like sugar and knew how to cope.
That little girl, we used to be. 
Who tried and failed but still believed. 



Sneha said...

really like this one riddhi!i am reading this even though i have tons of stuff to do at work!:)

Sneha said...

and yeah i can totally relate to it.

Riddhi said...

:). Which Sneha is this? :P

I know too many. :)

~ a said...


i still think the little girl in us exists somewhere,
in flashes and moments she lets herself bare,
i didn't intend to write a rhyme,
maybe the little girl came out in time!

sneha said...

This is really good . I can fit right in :)

Zoya said...

the little girls we used to be..

the little girls we still can be?

Riddhi said...

@Ayesh: Nicely put Madam ;)
@sneha2: Thanks. Which sneha? :P
@Zoya- the little girl we would still like to be ;)