Friday, November 26, 2010

Living in the shadows

The unsaid,
The eyes often speak
The often heard
The mind seldom believes.

The shadows, they play games
The shadows, they remain
Lurking behind 
In some distant memory lane

Bruised, bleeding,
Staring, mocking
They laugh in my face
These shadows, they have no shame. 

For while I thought
Broken memories haunt, 
These shadows of mine
Don't forget to taunt. 

The shadows, they dodge
The shadows, they steal
Away from me, sanity my own
For these shadows aren't mine alone

They were ours to keep
They're shadows of memories, bittersweet. 
Subtle? So to speak. 
Ha! They're abrasive.
They leave me weak. 

These shadows have a life of their own
These shadows, that I live in
These shadows, you left alone
Rot in your absence, as I silently moan. 


Zwikie said...

Hey that's a very well written piece. It's dark, but interesting and well worded :)

~ a said...

wow! :) very beautifully put riddhi!! i wish i cud write a more eloquent comment... but nothing strikes me now.

<3 it!

Riddhi said...

@zwikie- I like dark ;)
@Ayesh- Even in your so called non-eloquence, trust me your pretty eloquent! :)