Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On a day like today

I have been unfair to this page. In all certainty  and absolute shame, I have been mean and why my dramatic self would say even ruthless to this page.
I only blog when I am sad or the closest I get to it. Period.
By no means does this post imply that thins are about to change. But this post is up to break the monotony, because that is a phenomenon I refuse to associate myself or my life with.
So here I am writing, on a day like today.

On a day like today, when I was engrossed in work and numbers and excel sheets were all that I could think of. On a day like today when it rained. It rained and I smiled.
On a day like today, when I got back home at a decent hour (comparative basis of course) and did nothing productive at home.
On a day like today, when I had no extraordinary thoughts, no striking realizations, no painful memories; just a few regular laughs and the usual insanity.

A day like today, that is nothing exceptional. Just what they call 'normal'.

But a day like today that feels good. A day that is no associated with any earth shattering difference or sudden bliss.

On a day like today, I just feel calm. And calm is good. Very.

So here's to the other side of life that I kept hidden from my own page, The side of my life that's just regular.



~ a said...

I remember how I used to blog only when I had spoken enough to my friends or something like that. My blog used to be the space to vent when I needed to talk but hadn't found someone to do it with! :)

Then I found that I began blogging only when I had a review to post (either about a movie / book) and had stopped blogging for my normal ramble about the days and all... :) I think I should blog like you do sometime too.

Riddhi said...

I like your blog. Speaks a lot about you. And I guess mine does about me. Its random in a perfectly random way ;)