Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Don't look at me the way you do,
I fear I'd tell you all.
Don't smile that smile
And tell me what's true
I like the safety of my wall.

Don't hold me tight
and let me be
I still fear I'll fall.
Don't hold my hand
or let it go,
Trust is still a distant call.

Don't leave it unsaid
because I can still hear it all
Don't be so far when still so close
For my doubts stand very tall.

Don't always know what I'll say
or what I'll do
Because you don't know me well at all.



Akriti said...

Love it!

~ a said...

:D Nice!

I wonder when you'll ever let someone crash those walls!

Riddhi said...

@akriti- :)
@Ayesha- :) and never. :)