Sunday, August 23, 2009

What I've been noticing

The way the black road shines when it rains. And there is yellow around to make the shine look prettier. I like looking down at the road and walking these days. Black can be very comforting. Yes.

The speed at which people move in this city. Theres a sense of desperation in their walk, anger in their eyes and a thirst for change in their demeanour. When I look at them, I think they are thinking "Soon this will end".
The bloodshot eyes of desperation is more noticeable in the daily wage earners.And when you look at that intensity, you realize the beauty of being human.

How that road filled with trees makes me stop looking at the black of the road. All that greenery leads to an ATM. Whats more beautiful?

That Reading gives me peace.

That you can get along with most humans. Acceptance is the key. And a lot of smiling of course. But then, genuity matters most.

That when the chatter subsides, there's an emptiness that cannot be explained.


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