Sunday, August 23, 2009

My mind is wandering

It's strange how I've been wanting to write here for a while now.
A lot has been on my mind, almost too much to be able to comprehend. But, when I open this page and begin to write, I blank out.
Was reading up the blog and trying to figure out how I could write so effortlessly once upon a time, how it was mandatory for me to put down my thoughts here, even if it was in the form of third person, poetry or what might seem fiction. Suddenly, there's a blank space in my mind that's pushing the rest of the thoughts to corners. Corners, I cannot explore right now. I miss continuity of thoughts. I miss effortlessness. I miss a sense of calm that would surface the turbulence.
Reading the Kiterunner currently, has some brilliant quotes I wanted to put up here, cant seem to remember where they were anymore. This is all just so new to me.


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