Monday, July 13, 2009

It takes only a moment

She whined on for reasons many
And He looked at her with eyes heavy.
And as he brought back the smile to her face,
He watched her as though completely dazed.

And in that moment another was hurt
As she saw him with adoring eyes.
But his adoration was reserved for another.
She smiled to herself as she held a tear.
In that moment, she realized, it was two of them
While she was 'the other'.


She held his glance all that while,
Watched carefully his eyes, so very agile.
He hurt her with those words he said,
But she would not let it show, not a tear shed.
She smiled back as though with meaning
To mask the enormity of it all, that she was feeling.

She knew in that moment he should never know,
Maybe lying to herself, would make it all really go.



thisiswhatthefuckitis said...

I see a broken sight,
In your eyes it is a delight,
Is this why you fight your tears,
to avoid those ridiculing glares.

~ a said...


riddhi said...

Thank you ayesh :)