Thursday, May 28, 2009

Realizations Profound

Sometimes, you live a moment so special, a part of you remains stuck there even as you try to move on. You never will know what you your experiencing while it is still happening, but when the moment is past, you realize a part of you is stuck there- in that moment, refusing to move on. 
While you put the pieces back together, you realize maybe the moment your stuck in is not even worth it, the people who you experienced it with have moved on. But the reason you continue to hold on is because it changed you forever. It gave you a realization- one your not really willing to accept. 

It is now for me to accept what this moment gave me. That sense of realization has to come or I'll hold onto it forever. So I guess I should put swallow my humongous ego and realize that I am human after all. 

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