Friday, December 7, 2007

Someday I Will...

Someday I Will...
Laugh without it hurting inside
Sing like a dream
Forgive you, even though you lied.
Go atop a mountain and scream.

Someday I Will...
Cry and let it all out.
Smile wide, right upto my eyes.
Trust, devoid of doubt.
Love someone very wise.

Someday I Will...
Forgive and forget
Get rid of memories that hurt
Sleep on grass, wet.
Make him realize my worth.

Someday I will...
Pour my heart out to you and cry.
Stop taking people for granted.

Someday I will...
Let myself go.
Hold onto you so tight, you couldnt leave
Let all my emotions show
To those emotions, a humour weive

Someday I will...
Live like their aint no tomorow!
Laugh fully,
Love wholly!
Stop being taken for granted.

Someday I will...
Dance on the terrace,
Do salsa
Be kissed on the beach.
Wake up with a hangover.

Someday I will...
Cause a stir,
Make a change
Disappear into a timeshell.



anonymouspoets said...

I love this one. I couldn't help but comment, I wish I had written this. Cause I know what you mean.

Riddhi said...

:) This was written long long ago. lol. Am surprised you dug through the archives so quickly!