Sunday, September 8, 2013

Alive and Kicking? *cough*

Last Post: January 30th 2012.

That's the longest I've gone without writing. Well, writing sense atleast.

I don't think I'm worthy of facing a 'writer's block'. Random blogging here and there doesn't count as writing that can face that block.

I'd always felt a sense of pride in how well I could keep both sides of me happy- the left brained and the right brained. I remember all those business school applications where I harped on about how i am the perfect balance between creativity and reality, how I was a word brain and a number brain.

I want to laugh so loudly that I scare my neighbours.

All I seem to be doing for the last 6 months is trying to satisfy the left brain. You know, job, career, MBA, 'learning' and all those jazzy words I will eventually use to victimize people in boardrooms. The thing is, they all tell me am right-brained. The other thing is, I cant seem to write anymore.

Forget vocabulary which seems to have gone for a toss altogether (see, I couldn't even come up with a phrase better than gone-for-a-toss. Yuck.), I've run out of imagination. And that, for the love of God, is very scary.

I will soon become of them. I will come out of a fancy business school with all new vocabulary that makes business sense. I will be one of the homogenous products this factory produces. Even a major in Economics did not do that to me. Hell, a post graduation in advertising did not make me feel so 'soulless'.

Maybe I'm just making excused. Maybe I just need ice-cream.

We'll find out, soon enough.

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