Friday, April 27, 2012

Et Two

Two of them,
and an awkward silence
Noises in the head
How the truth the bled.

Two of them,
catching their breath
Afraid of the reality
that lay ahead.

Two of them,
staring into space
remembering the lie,
the tight embrace.

Two of them,
lined up in thought
waiting for the other
to talk.

Two of them,
denying what was
dreading what will be
stuck in what is.

Two of them,
in limbo
One shied away
The other lost.



Victorious Darko ! said...

Wonderful. Could sense the emotions. Everyone has gone through this difficult phase which is between a fight and the make up process. Beautifully described in words by yourself !

Riddhi said...

Thanks a lot! Glad it's something someone can relate to. :)

Riddhi said...

P.S.- It's not a fight and make up process.