Friday, June 24, 2011

All that glitters

A thin line,
you wouldn't see
for a secret,
it's meant to be
The secret,
that we all know
The secret that
makes me ugly.

A fair world it must be,
in more ways than one
All that's not fair
sees the secret then,
Ever so unjustly.

It's a glowing pain
in their brightest smile
because they know the secret,
all this while.
It's tear tucked inside
Polite eyes
Memories, you'll
choose to ignore.

In fairytales,
we build our demise
Swap fair for fair
Like it's only fair to do so.
The prince and the princess
And a happily after
The fairy with rose lips
and a golden laughter

We carefully warp
the very definitions of beauty
Then we be amused
and scream confused
when the mirror
calls us ugly.


1 comment:

~ a said...

This Vogue place is playing on your emotions and definitions of beauty and fairness I can see... :)