Sunday, May 1, 2011


I've been thinking on this subject for a while now.The term is often used loosely, but never explained enough. Inspiration is extremely subjective and even more personal. But we hear so many stories of what's inspired people through generations, that as overdone as this topic might be, it is still discussed with a tinge of novelty, excitement every time.
So what is it that I hear inspires people? Love seems to be the most common answer. Then there is family, a romantic involvement, a heartbreak, nature, the sea, mountains, beautiful locales... the list, not surprisingly is endless.

I'm a beach person, through and through. I love the sea. I can just sit and watch it for hours, listen to the slow rhythm the waves knit and just the very sound of water. I like the mountains too, for the calm, the serenity they have to offer- a complete contrast to the stormy sea that I personally favour, yet a subtle sweetness in its own way. But you know what really inspires me? People.

I could sit for hours facing the sea or spend a lazy morning on a hammock in the hills but I wouldn't know what to write or even think about if it wasn't for people. I like peace and I like the sense of isolation- infact it is more than necessary at times. But I draw my inspiration, my challenge, my love and my hate from people. Not to say, that I love their company at all times. However we underestimate the power to be social and yet be, but a mere observer to society's way of life. You know when I think the most? By the night, in the complete darkness of my room; on the road with heavy traffic while it's raining cats and dogs; in office while working on an excel sheet and talking to ten people at the same time.

This is the same reason I choose to spend fifty hours a week being a corporate slave (corporate whore, some might call it, but this aint a good time to be brutal). Everyday,while I tick things off my joblist, I acquire skills- these skill sets that are essential to a good life- marketing, working with people, management, leading, being led... oh there is so much to learn. Everyday, I interact with a large number of people- each of whom I wouldnt exactly name my 'loved ones' , but each of whom open my eyes to new reactions and expressions, without fail. And well am a marketeer- consumer behaviour is my be all and end all and I guess that's just why I know I'll stick to this line for a while.

I love people, I live on their reactions. I can go back to so many instances where I've said stuff only to get a reaction out of people-  to shock them; surprise them; thrill them; excite them. The variety of emotions are aplenty and the variations of expressions just awe-inspiring!

I like to be in the middle of the drama, the crowd, the party, the not-so-much-party, enjoy it, live it to the very fullest and then suddenly retreat, back to my darkness, to the comfort of my room or a windowsill where I can feel the rain and open my parrot green laptop and keep writing.

Its funny how the anti-society moods are driven by society and yet the anti-society moods are but, for the sake of society.

People- my challenge, my inspiration, my reality but the catalyst to my imagination.


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