Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Fade in.Fade out.
Keep smiling throughout.

Don't tell them what it's about.
Derive pleasure from their doubt.
Flow in. Flow out.
The tears flow endlessly,
But keep smiling throughout.

You're hurting,
Your ego shouts
They tell you to sing, out loud.
But you keep smiling throughout.

Fade in. Fade out.
There you go, you found the easy way out,
Didn't forget to smile throughout.



Sherry said...

Mast aahe! =D

Zoya said...

derive pleasure from their doubt....

That's something i can totally relate with. Its funny but its almost like you own something that no one else can have, makes you feel powerful!

Riddhi said...

Yes Powerful in the most crippled way. ;)