Sunday, September 5, 2010

Things to do.

Like I told someone a while back, the checklist keeps getting longer, but I can't remember ticking anything off it.
Nevertheless, we are souls that live in hope. We don't like to see what 'can't'. We will go on and dream. :)

  1. Write a book. I don't know if i will ever want to or will publish it. But I have to write at least one good book. The problem is that my chain of thought is so random. All that I will be able to manage will be a collection of few random snippets, that I am certain I will never be certain about. 
  2. Learn the salsa (Atleast am on my way here :) ), waltz and tango. 
  3. Politics/Government Service. I don't know how just yet. But this has to happen. 
  4. Impact rural education situation. I know how to, just waiting for the right time. THIS I know I will do. 
  5. Have the perfect dance. Yes, perfection is over-rated. But, move on you cynics. There never is harm in hoping. ;)
  6. Start up my own enterprise. 
  7. Spanish: Well I have learnt it. Just need to get back to it. Take the basic level exam and brush it all up! 
  8. Fall in what they call love. Hopelessly, mercilessly. I'd like to know the feeling of being helpless and crazy. Just because it will be too unique an experience to miss out on. What would it be like to just let go? 
  9. Read everything, anything, just absolutely everything- fiction, politics, history, poetry. Okay, science fiction and the likes of John Grisham are not included. That shit is just out of bounds. 
  10. Script and direct my own play. I am 21. This was supposed to have happened by now. Really. 
  11. Become financially independent- afford the lifestyle I want to lead, buy my own house (pretty one that I know how I am going to do up), investments, fund my own education, everything. 
  12.  Go to sleep with an empty mind. Sigh. 
So that is tata, until I wake up 6 months later and make another list with a few common points and some hopelessly contradictory. 

If I got paid for thinking, there would be very few richer than me. I swear.



Tarun said...

Why the comment? The to do list looked familiar and made me smile! It works out pretty well - just don't try to do everything towards your numbered goals. Life throws a lot at you and going down that path is very interesting too.. :) Good luck

Riddhi said...

Hey Tarun,

Haha, sometimes we derive comfort in knowing we are not the only ones! ;)