Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New and Improved

Dear Riddhi,

Welcome to your life- its now NEW and IMPROVED. Yes, you do not believe the two words can be used simultaneously, but hey, this brings about the point just perfectly.
So, this new chapter starts in a not-so-new-to-you city: Dilli :).
Yes, you have despised it for long enough, but this time the city is going to grow on you. Just calm yourself down and go with the flow. This phase your life entails you start "work". Well, at least you go to a workplace. How much work you actually do or get done shall remain a mystery for a while. You are now no longer a student. You are expected to get up in the morning (the morning before 12:00 PM you lazy moron!) and go to an AC workplace where you will sit at your workstation and 'work'. In case you realize you actually don't have any 'work', you are expected to keep sitting and pretend like there is. While putting up this act of providing substantial contribution to the organization as well your own thick brain, you have enough time to wonder as to why they hired you in the first place- it is not like your indispensable to the growth of their organization. In fact, beep that, it is not like you provide an value addition at all.

That aside, you will like your new life. You will like your workplace. You will like the luxury of what you can actually call your home. You will enjoy the journey back and forth everyday because it will give you the opportunity to stare into space and at the pretty roads. As a matter of fact, there will be a lot of pretty-ness all around you. Your new life will bring to you more stability and enough time and space to plot your next steps. You have missed plotting haven't you? Well now there is enough time for you to continue plotting your revolution. You can get back to reading too, for fear of reaching a stage where you would call yourself illiterate, if nothing else. Oh! the opportunities are unlimited.

Beware of claustrophobia though. That phenomenon has always been associated with this city and you are allergic to it. Why, you believe it is a disease, don't you? So don't let it catch on to you for the consequence is prolonged illness apart from of course, losing the plot, messing up your thought process and urging you to pack your bags and run away. So whenever you see so much as a symptom of this dreaded disease, hush yourself up, take a bath and watch Big Bang Theory.

Your new life is not all that bad, just accept it as yet another phase and do what you did with the last version of your life- treat it like a passing phase of one year and live it to the fullest (very much like those cliche motivational speeches). It worked once, it will definately work again. Even if it doesn't, it is worth the shot now, isn't it?



~ a said...

aww... just last night, i was again for the nth time ruing the fact that you weren't with me in this city, and that i didn't have you as my roommate, and as my colleague... but then like you said, things do work, things will fall into place, and you will like you new phase... the same has happened to me today, i have found roommates and i think i will enjoy this life... :)

babes, don't kill yourself by thinking too much. just breathe. and just live. you'll do well! :)

riddhi said...

Ayesha. :) I miss you. For real. No jokes.

~ a said...

i miss u terribly too! :( funny how we bonded so well thanks to bhringaraj and placements, makes me wonder, what if we hadn't made those choices?? love... or like you say it, lou!