Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm thinking..

Should I be lesser vague and more detailed on this page?

I use this page as a source of relief, so most of the posts happen to be morbid types. Mostly because I really don't 'update' the blog per say. it doesn't record any recent happenings or for that matter happy times (and there are so many!).

So when I was reading through the other day, I realized there are phases in my life I have just missed. Using the medium to relieve yourself is all good, but there is SO much more one can do with it!

I should re-read the blog and update it more often. make it more detailed, more relevant. Write about the issues I have always wanted to. Most of my 'revolutionary' ideas remain in my head. Atleast, expressing them would be a start.

Also, i am considering starting a diary- like everday types. That should be fun!


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