Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lost the plot now?

A friend of mine asked me a few weeks back "Riddhi, have you lost the plot somewhere?"
It made me think.

I've been happier. Certainly. I've been going with the flow. The cheesy phrase that mentions spreading your wings to the fullest would apply here.

But there's a brevity of thought. There is a block in the process of penning what am thinking down. Theres a loss in the fluidity of my expression. But there is a sense of calm, a sense of happiness I enjoy.

It is mighty strange how that fluidity of expression comes when i feel something close to morbid.

I don't know if i have lost the plot somewhere. Because frankly, I don't think i ever made a plot i'd want to follow.

Is it a phase or change of thought process? But suddenly, I want to go with the flow. I want to run around, in different directions. I dont want no pattern. I dont like no pattern.

But the thought is still in my head, is there really a plot that I have lost only mid way?


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