Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Change" the world?

I believe in change. I am not exactly very open to accepting it, but I do want to change things around me, always. Today, a few of my friends said to me "if there's one person amongst us who can change the world, its you!". I was overwhelmed to say the least. They know as well as I know how much I really believe in "Being the change I want to be" or just creating impact where i feel the need for it. I am not implying I am always successful but I cannot help but acknowledge the fact that i do give my best at attempting to create this impact. :)
But that is not the essence of this post. The reason for particular post is something else ( I will write a more positive one titled impact sometime soon, but lets leave that for now). So Let me start this with well my typical beginning style- its been a while since i posted something here. And now let me get to the point. :) In our own capacity we all want to change something about our environment and whoever came up with the phrase "Change the world" was, well a smart soul, no doubt, but a rather confused one.
It is interesting to note headlines after headlines and articles after articles on how an increasing proportion of the youth today wants to 'be' the change they want to bring about, or an even greater number of people who tell you they want to change the world. One very obvious question is how many of them actually sustain this want within them? Is it just a fancy figment of youth passion or a real selfless objective they wish to accomplish? However another point that I can't help noticing (and that infact stands as the prime reason behind this particular post) is how many of us really want to accept this change? Each one of us wants to change something around us, but how many of us actually sit back n reflect on someone else's reasons and open mindedly acknowledge or appreciate their efforts? Are we really up for 'accepting' change? I know this thought seems random (well, so do all of mine :P) but its been eating me for really long. We are all driven by our vested interests and our own benefits to make "our" world a better place for "us" to live in. How many of us have really given accepting change a thought? Not our change but someone else's change.
The flipside is of course the fact that every revolution needs its struggle and the greatest ones face the greatest opposition. But its victory against this great struggle that leads to great things. Quite like what Marx asserted. If we were all ready to "accept" so easily, then society would have never really evolved. It is so necessary to impose opposition!
And then again, who decides what change is really needed? who decides how great a revolution really is?
I want to change the world. I really do. I am going to have my own revolution someday. But as I plot my miracle everyday and try to 'be' the change i really want to see, there is one thing I cannot help but 'accept' - the world is not as bad a place to live in as we make it seem :)
There will be no change if the ones who need it don't realize that for themselves and stand up against what they wish to discontinue.
So here ends my thesis on "Change" , its symptoms and its consequences. I wonder if such elaborate thinking on so vague a subject will help me pass my graduation exams ! :P

( posted much after it was really written thanks to my not-so-recent surrender to laziness and unproductive activities)

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KD said...

i'm glad you finally did decide to post it.. :)

a revolution huh... i'm sure you'd do great.. and if on the road of changing the world, if you ever need some randomness.. just yell out.. :)

on a passing note though (and forgive the 6 AM PJ).. did you think about the name of your revolution? i hope you dont call it the (filmy)'kaliyan revolution'... :P

Keep posting.. its fun to read..