Wednesday, October 29, 2008

To some really important and some not-so-important people

Here are a few things I have always wanted to tell different people. each statement is meant for a certain individual who may or may not be of particular importance to my life ;)
So clap..for your about to have an insight into the most candid thoughts of this confusing mind :P
  • I hate everything about you. Its not what you say or do to me but just who you are. It surprises me, confuses me and at the same time makes me know you really well. I dont hate you because i dont understand you, I hate you because I know you well enough. But believe me, you will also find very few people for years who will care about u as much as I do.
  • Thank you for using me. You make me want to wish I never knew you. Or actually, you make me question the fact that I ever knew you. I was with you not because I understood you but because I just never Knew you.
  • Dont irritate me. I really do get irritated. I just hide it well :)
  • Yea, I have blocked myself. So stop trying to break me down. Yes, I do break down. No, you will never see it.
  • I wish you would just give me a chance.
  • I wish I had given you a chance.
  • You made me lose respect in not only you but in the very emotion.
  • The problem never was how much I liked you, the problem just was that I listened to you. I let u in my sacred space without realizing you wouldnt even value it.
  • I never meant to hurt you.
  • You know what you make feel like- used abused and thrown away. Thank you. :)

Sometimes I wish I could actually go upto each of these individuals and tell them this.. Knowing me, I probably even will ;)

Promise to post their reactions up here..with the drama (can i ever do without it? :P). Should make an interesting reading

Thats all for Now Folks! ;)


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