Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I sail through the present; living in the past

The burden of memories suffocating my mind

I crave your fragrance through the emptiness vast

You fill my senses...question my bare soul

Ignite within me darkness galore

Claustrophobic nostalgia

Bloodshot eyes

Memories reflect the truth behind lies

The sight of you; the depth of you

fills my senses...questions my bare soul

As I look beyond you; beyond time

I ignore again what the future holds



The pain of the past rekindles within me

A thirst for your touch

I lose to you my sense of "me".


shubhiii said...

hmmm.... who were u thinkin bout wen u wrote this..??
kiddin... i LOVED it!!!!:-)

sushant said...

I think it was spot on. very fine one indeed.

Ankit Gupta said...

not a lot of wrds for ur work...just 'awesome'


ghazal said...

Do you actually feel all this?Is this poem for somebody?

I 've always wanted to ask somebody this for a long time, do you write these poems with something/someone on your mind or is it just poetry that comes from within without a target/objective.